In the Spaces Between | Fall 2017 – ongoing

There is a space between being an immigrant and being considered “truly American”. The American Dream is the dream parents have carried on their backs in search of a better life. But if women carry the weight of the world on their backs, what is to be said of the daughters of immigrants in the United States?Home spaces tend to be places where women are free to express themselves and their cultures freely. The following photographs are of the daughters of immigrants to the United States, and how they interact with their cultures in a home setting.Women photographed: Meenu Mathews, Deanna Reyes, Nada Eldaief, Priyanka Walimbe, Rosa Araiza, Emilie Ghaffari, and Sana Ullah.


East and West | Winter 2016 – 2017

In December 2016, I was lucky enough to travel to the region for a photography and photojournalism workshop with the George Washington University. This body of work was focused in the religious center of Jerusalem, where the two communities live side by side, separated from the rest of the land by a wall and under Israeli control. Within the wall, the city is divided between East and West with the only true mingling of cultures being the old city. Additionally, my work contains images from Palestinian territories in Bethlehem, the Judean Desert, and the Dead Sea.


Civil Disobedience Project | Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

These moments capture a united front from different backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and faiths in Washington, D.C., rejecting President Donald Trump after his election and inauguration.