kimberly graydon

Designing for Gender Inclusion

Designing for Gender Inclusion | Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

The internet, as it is currently being designed, follows the same gender norms created by society— often neglecting those under glass ceilings or who do not identify within the gender binary.

Designing for Gender Inclusion began with extensive research on gender, internet behavior patterns, and user experience. 50 individuals were interviewed regarding their online experiences and activities. The inspiration behind the design of the book comes from the idea of gender as a spectrum and basic UI patterns. Gradients have become popular on a variety of user interfaces, but they also signify change and gender as a spectrum within the book.

The book was printed through Blurb and the website was created with Squarespace—both chosen for their emphasis on accessibility. Designing for Gender Inclusion was edited by Julia Weiss. All photography by Kimberly Graydon unless otherwise stated. User research photos were taken by Kimberly Graydon or submitted by the individual.

Above: Interview spread.